We would like to welcome leaders, presidents, and guests to learn of the historical importance of the Venerable Abbot Shi Yanfan, his Italian heritage, and our common goals for peace in the world.


The following procedures are proper formal precedence and etiquette for receiving and introducing dignitaries of the Shaolin Temple. It is important that guests, hosts, and staff are aware that dignitaries from Shaolin Temple are holy clergymen who should be regarded with utmost respect. It takes practice to become comfortable in cross-cultural situations and to avoid offending others while maintaining the integrity of one’s role as a monastic.


• Dignitaries should be greeted as they arrive and accompanied by their host, guide, or appropriate staff member for the entire duration of their visit.

• The Venerable Shi Yanfan may be introduced as “Venerable Abbot Shi Yanfan” and may be addressed thereinafter as “Abbot.”

• It is polite to introduce the Venerable Abbot prior to conducting any business.

• It is not appropriate to touch the Venerable Abbot in any way other than to shake hands.

• Please refrain from use of profanity or inappropriate conversations close to the Abbot.

• It is always polite to open the door and allow the Venerable Abbot to enter and exit rooms first.

• A private or secured seating area must be reserved for the Venerable Abbot during meetings or special events.

• It is polite to remain standing until the Venerable Abbot has been seated. (In teachings, ceremonial situations, or public affairs monastics are seated in front as a mark of respect, not out of pride. Being seated in front entails a responsibility to sit quietly and pay attention to the proceedings, setting a good example for others.)

Traveling out of state or internationally:

• If inviting the Venerable Abbot, airfare / hotel/ meals / transportation must be provided. (Air/Hotel should be grade PLUS or Business class for security purposes.)

• Vehicles must succeed all safety regulations. (It is always polite to open/close vehicle doors for the Abbot.)

• The Venerable Abbot must be accompanied by staff or security in public.

• Security or appropriate staff must be present upon the Venerable Abbot’s arrival/departure at the airport

• All local invitations should be made at least 2 weeks in advance. International requests should be made at least 1 month in advance.


• Please have vegetarian meal options available.

• Hot water with lemon, or room temperature water. (No soda, alcohol, or cold beverages.)

• It is customary to serve the Venerable Abbot first and wait for the entire table to be served before eating.

• It is customary for Disciples, Organizers, or Sponsors be responsible for the Venerable Abbot’s meals.


•Customarily a charitable donation* should be made to Yanfan Foundation if requesting an appearance of the Venerable Abbot Shi Yanfan. A donation to the Yan Fan Foundation for the time the Venerable Abbot will be spending away from his duties. A separate donation to the Venerable Abbot personally is also customary for workshops, seminars and lectures, consultations, T.V., Radio or other media appearances, etc. Depending on the type of event, an appropriate donation amount should politely be considered.